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Hybrid interactive installation | With | Arimit Bhattacharya, David Jonas & Eden Mitsenmacher | For | Cinekid Festival


Pit.a.pat is a listening landscape created for the Cinekid MediaLab. Move around the room, click, hold and drag the shapes. But above all listen very carefully! (preferably with headphones)

Pit.a.pat is a unique listening landscape that was designed for the Cinekid MediaLab. This interactive experience encourages visitors to move around the room and click, hold, and drag various shapes. However, the main focus of the experience is listening carefully to the sounds that surround you. We recommend using headphones to fully immerse yourself in this auditory journey.

The internet is home to many unusual videos, but in recent years, an increasing number of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos have emerged. These videos feature soft, subtle sounds that stimulate the brain and create a sense of relaxation. With Pit.a.pat, users can combine various ASMR sounds to create a unique and customized auditory experience that is both strange and unexpectedly pleasant.

Originally designed as a physical installation for the Cinekid festival in 2020, Pit.a.pat has since been adapted for online use due to the pandemic. Visitors can still explore the auditory landscape at pitapat.org, where they can experiment with different sounds and create their own personalized listening experience.



All shapes of the hybrid interactive installation
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