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Beyond Advertising

Discover the collection of WdKA's third year Advertising students (2020) ready for a internship during the pandemic.

The project showcases the impressive work of WdKA's third-year Advertising students from 2020, who are actively seeking internship opportunities during the pandemic. This group of talented individuals embodies a new generation of creatives who are determined to drive change and evolution within the advertising industry.

The students share a common belief that the traditional methods of advertising are outdated, and that it's time to embrace new approaches that prioritize creativity as a tool for building a better future and a better planet. They aspire to create innovative concepts that can address a wide range of challenges and promote critical thinking in response to the information we receive.

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Their portfolio displays an array of cutting-edge projects that showcase their exceptional skills in creative ideation, copywriting, graphic design, and visual communication. Each project reflects their commitment to developing new and innovative ideas that can make a positive impact on society.

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