When we look around us, we are surrounded by data. By making this data usable, we have developed a module in which images are converted into heat maps. With this, the use of space is visualized and accurately depicted.

Our inner cities are becoming increasingly crowded. Square meters increasingly expensive and scarce. As designers, we face many challenges today. The densification process is one of them, with a great demand for spatial solutions, small and large. The question is where we base our designs and investments. Mapping the use of space can provide a lot of insight into this. Unfortunately, this raw data is not always usable and must be translated into insightful information.

Translating aimlessly public, private-owned space into heat maps. As a result of which, more insight can be created into possible spatial interventions. For example, the collected data can contribute to perhaps more activity and natural surveillance.

By converting the raw data into usable information, we can create spatial insight through 3D heatmaps models.